Fashion and Falls

 Falls is another season of the year where the wheather becomes cozy and the trees shed their leaves with this chanages comes a new Fashion trend. Fashion is in our everyday life as the saying goes “the only constant thing in life is change”, and I say “Fashion is also a constant thing in life”. Fashion comes with every changes in the stage of life  be it wheather, seasons, age and all stages  of life. Sometimes, fashion that is considered basic is really just mass because it’s awesome. Take the entire idea of sweater weather. It ranks up there with vanilla-scented candles and pumpkin-spiced ephemera. But truly, when it’s a little crisp, a little sunny, warm enough to skip a coat, and just cool enough for great cashmere, it’s all about the simple knit. It is another Fashion season

Kids footwear

When it comes to kids footwear, it pays off not to skimp on quality: even if your little one is growing every day, it is much better to only replace their shoes when they outgrow them instead of having to replace them every time they break a new pair (which, we assure you, is much much more often !)

If you are looking for a store that can offer good quality shoes that are still fashionable for your kids, GEOX or Clarks can offer great shoes that look good for a very reasonable price. If you don’t mind the price tag, popular brands such as ADIDAS and NIKE offer kids’ collections that are just as fashionable, trendy, and cool as those for adults while still being really high quality and comfortable for your kids. Read more »

Womens Fall Footwear

Fall is already here, and as expected, it brings with it colder weather, rains… and new fashion trends to match this inclement weather: breezy sundresses are out, cozy wool coats and comfortable beanies are in!

As expected, women Fall footwear couldn’t be any different and it brings us different trends to match the season: no more Summer sandals or flip flops, the in thing are boots now! In all shapes and sizes, be it boots or booties this footwear is perfect to match the season as it will keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Choices are leather and imitation leather, but suede makes a reappearance in plenty of high fashion collections;

Read more »

wrist watch

A good wristwatch on your wrist shows how elegant you are with the right choice of clothes on it brings out your beauty and makes you look sharp. I have always say this “looking good is good business” and the way you dress determines the way you will be addressed keep that in mind at all times whenever you have an occasion to attend and it will help you dress properly from your makeup to your clothing and footwear respectively.


When making up, you consider the natural beauty of life. Every facial makeup comes with the right mood. Ranging from the eyes to lips the right colors brings out the perfect beauty when used in the right mood. You have to be moderate with makeups otherwise you end up with a shouty look. Make people see you and not the makeup, but the beauty with the right makeup on brings out the right looks

Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories can truly spice up even the blandest out outfits, and they come in so many sizes, shapes, colours and styles that you will definitely find one that will match your personal style! Hair accessories, necklaces, earrings or bracelets: choose your favourite one and get some versatile ones that can match your wardrobe to never look underdressed!

Of course, as fashion would have it, accessories are subject to trends too: the most popular ones right now are scrunchies. Scrunchies are perfect for pretty much everybody because they are beautiful and practical: they will adorn your wrist and your hair both depending on if you want to put your hair in a ponytail or not. They come in plenty of different materials, such as chiffon, cotton or velvet and the choice of colours is incredible, too. Read more »

Kobe Protro Multipack

After Kobe’s collaboration with Nike and Undefeated sold out almost right away, Nike has teased that a follow up to this incredibly popular collaboration might be coming soon and there are even some images to tease about it! The new collaboration might be named “Undefeated x Kobe 5 Protro” and feature many different styles to commemorate all the different Kobe achievements.

The Kobe Protro Multipack, for example, a metallic multicolor shoe to commemorate his double digits, while another model named “Hall of Fame” features metallic gold and purple palette. The collection is composed of 13 different models and styles of shoes, so there is bound to be something to please every Kobe and Nike fan! Read more »

Mens Fall Fashion

Fall is already here and like the seasons, fashion is ever-changing: trends change to match the season and the weather that comes with it, but you must not sacrifice your original and personal style just to match the current trends either! It is 100% possible to stay fashionable while staying true to yourself.

When it comes to the fashion trends of men’s Fall fashion, this season is all about layering and distended, cool, relaxed looks: light jackets and shirts are “in” again, especially over cool t-shirts, with flannel and leather being really fashionable this year.

When it comes to pants, of course, jeans are a favorite especially in lighter, bright colors; but chinos are also really trendy this season, especially when combined with nice shirts and wool sweaters! Read more »

Women’s Fashion Trends

Women’s fashion for this season combines different styles linked to colorful colors, pastel colors, prints, high-soled sports shoes, and a variety of elements and designs that you cannot miss and wear on a date with friends, with family, at work, or with your partner.


The colors that become a trend for this season are pastel colors such as lilac, pink, white, and blue as main tones, however, you can buy garments of any color that remains in the range of pastel colors.

On the contrary, the neon and striking colors will also be seen by those daring people who want to stand out from the crowd. Therefore there is no excuse for not wearing a garment because you will be out of place.

* Prints

Prints are here to stay in women’s wardrobes. In your wardrobe, you should not miss an animal print garment, fruit designs that are the main trend, and that the presence of fruits in the accessories is observed to complete the outfit, mainly avocado, strawberry, pineapple, lemon, and orange.


We all have those body-fitting pants that define our figure, however, wide boot pants are coming to stay, so don’t be afraid to wear this garment that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Ripped and torn pants are strong competition since in the main youth style, you cannot miss this type of pants to break the scheme. Read more »

Men’s Fashion Trends

In the fashion scene, you see more clothing options for women rather than for men. However, men’s fashion trends also exist. So the question is, what are the men’s fashion trends for 2020?

One of the fashion trends for men these days are overalls. Women have overalls and men do to. These overalls mostly for men are shorts and button-down shirt tops in one piece with floral designs. Another from men’s fashion trends are crop tops. Women are not the only ones who can wear crop tops. These crop tops are heavily inspired by the Kpop industry and they accentuate the abdomen so this is great for men who have abs.

As mentioned, men’s fashion trends are heavily influenced by Korean fashion or Kpop in which other men’s trends include oversized tees, skinny jeans, and sneakers.

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