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Simple Fashion

Fashion can be simple and less expensive but beautiful it all depends on the class you find yourself in. Fashion is affordable for all. Everyone has a taste so does everyone has a choice. The rich and wealthy can decide to look simple while the low class can decide to appear very flamboyant in his […]

Fashion and Jewellery

Fashion is vast and cuts around all areas of life. Fashion brightens you up so do the jewels too. Fashion beautifies you so does the jewel too. Fashion is expensive based on your taste so is the jewelry too. Jewelry compliments your clothing it brings out the beauty and taste of fashion in you. So […]

Day to Day Fashion

Every day is full of something new, and each day comes with a fashion of its own. What you choose to put on or how you choose to look each day depends on how deep and fashionable you are inside. How you feel inside will tell how you look outwardly. The way the mind is […]

Fashion for the Season

There is a lot going on in this season and fashion happens to be one of them. As we all know there is Fashion for every season or time that goes by.  This is the Holiday season and with it comes Xmas celebration and times to exchange gifts. This season has so many colorful events […]

Fashion and Holiday

This holiday looks like nothing is going to happen due to the present situation of this pandemic, but you can still make it a lively and fashionable time for you and your entire household. This is usually a time to spend with loved ones and also a time to have fun while keeping safe. You […]

Fashion and Life

There are a lot of things going on in this season and many things to do and a lot to thank God for. Being alive is one thing to thank God for and it is when you are alive you can think of good things and also have good ideas of Fashion. Everything was beautifully […]

Fashion in times of Covid

This is a time of life when things seem to be tough and dangerous but it’s also a time to celebrate with family while adhering to all the precautions from the CDC. Wearing a mask in public or amongst family does not change the way you dress or your taste for good fashion. Winter is […]

kids and the Season with Fashion

This season is another time to celebrate with loved ones most especially for the kids to have fun and enjoy the holidays but not without a good outfit for the season. Parents want their kids to look good at all times and seasons and this has to do with good thirst and quality for Fashion. […]

Winter; Another Fashion season

Winter is here and Christmas is fast approaching this season is a Fashion season for everyone but one thing for sure is staying safe is the most important factor of this season. Whatever you choose to wear decides how safe you choose to keep yourself and with it comes the Fashion of the season. Get […]

Fashion for Winter

The right clothes that fit for Winter mean one that can bring warmth to your body and the right fashion is what you need to fit in. Fashion comes with every season this winter season is a lot more a winter jacket that fits gloves that warms up your hands and boats that warms up […]

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