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Fashion and Holiday

This holiday looks like nothing is going to happen due to the present situation of this pandemic, but you can still make it a lively and fashionable time for you and your entire household. This is usually a time to spend with loved ones and also a time to have fun while keeping safe. You […]

Fashion and Life

There are a lot of things going on in this season and many things to do and a lot to thank God for. Being alive is one thing to thank God for and it is when you are alive you can think of good things and also have good ideas of Fashion. Everything was beautifully […]

Winter; Another Fashion season

Winter is here and Christmas is fast approaching this season is a Fashion season for everyone but one thing for sure is staying safe is the most important factor of this season. Whatever you choose to wear decides how safe you choose to keep yourself and with it comes the Fashion of the season. Get […]

Fashion for Winter

The right clothes that fit for Winter mean one that can bring warmth to your body and the right fashion is what you need to fit in. Fashion comes with every season this winter season is a lot more a winter jacket that fits gloves that warms up your hands and boats that warms up […]

Fashion and Falls

Falls is another season of the year where the wheather becomes cozy and the trees shed their leaves with this chanages comes a new Fashion trend. Fashion is in our everyday life as the saying goes “the only constant thing in life is change”, and I say “Fashion is also a constant thing in life”. […]

Womens Fall Footwear

Fall is already here, and as expected, it brings with it colder weather, rains… and new fashion trends to match this inclement weather: breezy sundresses are out, cozy wool coats and comfortable beanies are in! As expected, women Fall footwear couldn’t be any different and it brings us different trends to match the season: no […]

Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories can truly spice up even the blandest out outfits, and they come in so many sizes, shapes, colours and styles that you will definitely find one that will match your personal style! Hair accessories, necklaces, earrings or bracelets: choose your favourite one and get some versatile ones that can match your wardrobe to […]

Wrist Watch

A good wristwatch on your wrist shows how elegant you are with the right choice of clothes on it brings out your beauty and makes you look sharp. I have always say this “looking good is good business” and the way you dress determines the way you will be addressed keep that in mind at […]

Kobe Protro Multipack

After Kobe’s collaboration with Nike and Undefeated sold out almost right away, Nike has teased that a follow up to this incredibly popular collaboration might be coming soon and there are even some images to tease about it! The new collaboration might be named “Undefeated x Kobe 5 Protro” and feature many different styles to […]

Women’s Fashion Trends

Women’s fashion for this season combines different styles linked to colorful colors, pastel colors, prints, high-soled sports shoes, and a variety of elements and designs that you cannot miss and wear on a date with friends, with family, at work, or with your partner. *Colors The colors that become a trend for this season are […]

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