Kobe Protro Multipack

After Kobe’s collaboration with Nike and Undefeated sold out almost right away, Nike has teased that a follow up to this incredibly popular collaboration might be coming soon and there are even some images to tease about it! The new collaboration might be named “Undefeated x Kobe 5 Protro” and feature many different styles to commemorate all the different Kobe achievements.

The Kobe Protro Multipack, for example, a metallic multicolor shoe to commemorate his double digits, while another model named “Hall of Fame” features metallic gold and purple palette. The collection is composed of 13 different models and styles of shoes, so there is bound to be something to please every Kobe and Nike fan!

The collection is set to be released during Mamba Week exclusively on The Undefeated website, so if you are looking to get the pack stays tuned as they are expected to sell out really fast!

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